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Where Users Can Buy, Sell, or Exchange

iScripts eSwap

Everything you need to start a site similar to Swap-Online or U-Exchange.

Virtual Swap
Meet Software

iScripts eSwap lets you create virtual swap meet website in minutes. Generate revenue by listing users, featured items, transaction completion or subscription.

Supports Buy, Sell or

Allow users to buy, sell or exchange items using price or points or both price and points. Works on both escrow and non-escrow modes for complete flexibility.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Accept payments through, Yourpay, Paypal, WorldPay, BluePay, and Google Checkout.

Built-In Points System

Keep users coming back to your site with an integrated points system. The optional points system can be used along with currency or alone. Allow users to buy and exhange items using cash or points.

Current Sites Using iScripts

12,000+ Customers Use iScripts Software

Many thanks to iScripts! The assistance and and help provided by iScripts is priceless and faster than anything around in the digital world. I'm grateful to have worked with your team.


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